Our Historical Journey, Charting Milestones in Excellence

Welcome to the historical narrative of Express 21 & Express Customhouse Broker, where we delve into the origins and commemorate the significant milestones that have sculpted our legacy in the global logistics realm.

December 1999 - Inception of Express 21

In December 1999, Express 21 was conceived with a vision to redefine logistics solutions. Established on principles of excellence and client satisfaction, this marked the inception of our transformative journey.

January 2000 – Acquisition of Individual Customs Local Permit

Just a month into the new millennium, in January 2000, Express Customhouse Broker, under the sole proprietorship of Ted T. Kim, secured an individual customs local permit. This authorization empowered us to conduct customs business with an unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

April 2002 – Attainment of Individual Customs National Permit

April 2002 witnessed Express Customhouse Broker achieving a noteworthy milestone by acquiring an Individual Customs national permit. This credential granted us the authority to submit Customs entries at any port in the United States, fortifying our capabilities and showcasing our proficiency in national customs-related services.

January 2010 – Corporate Broker’s License & Local Permit

The commencement of the new decade in January 2010 marked another chapter of growth as Express Customhouse Broker obtained a Corporate Broker’s License along with a local permit. This expansion underscored our dedication to professionalism and excellence within the logistics industry.

August 2010 - Granting of FMC’s OTI License to Express 21

In August 2010, Express 21 elevated its capacities by securing the Federal Maritime Commission's (FMC) Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) License. This license empowered us to deliver comprehensive non-vessel-operating common carrier (NVOCC) services.

September 2011 – Acquisition of Customs Corporate National Permit

In September 2011, Express Customhouse Broker achieved another noteworthy milestone by obtaining a Customs Corporate National Permit. This permit authorized us to file Customs entries at any port across the United States, further enhancing our capabilities and expertise in customs-related services on a national scale.

April 2014 - Establishment of Branch Office in Seoul, Korea

Expanding our global footprint, in April 2014, Express 21 established a branch office in Seoul, Korea. This strategic move enabled us to provide localized support and strengthen our presence in the dynamic Asian market.

As we reflect on these remarkable milestones, we anticipate the future with optimism and an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and surpassing the expectations of our clients worldwide. Join us as we continue to navigate the world of logistics with a rich history and a forward-thinking approach.

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